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About me

A little about me:
I am a mother with 4 beautiful arrows in my quiver. (Julian, Marcos, Jeremiah & Aniah)
To add to our blessings we have a young lady we took in as our own (Ada) and our daughter-in-law. (Cynthia).
I'm married to an amazing man who stole my heart over 21 years ago and never ceases to amaze me with his leadership, service and love.
We are high school sweethearts. We love to create stuff to beautify the home. We love working together.

My husband is the carpenter, handy man and the brawns behind all the stuff we create. He also is a great artist and all around jack of all trades. Is there anything he isn't good at? No.

We also have two doggies. A 13 year old Cocker Spaniel named Fonzy, and a 1 year old Schnauzer named Reeses.
This is me.
Here are somethings I love:

Jesus . The Bible . I love teaching . Learning
I love my hubby's cooking . Antiquing . Flea Markets . Little towns, preferably near a body of water . Boutiques . Color but mostly in the blue family . Did I say I love blue
I love people watching . Window shopping . Shopping. Clothes. Scarfs.
Long drives . Coffee. Coffee with good friends
I love spring . Flowers . Gardens . Birds . Water
I love to write although I think about writing more than I actually put pen to paper but when I do.... I love writing.
I love old books . I love reading . Never borrow a book to me I'll ruin it with highlights and notes . I love writing poetry and reading poetry . Home magazines
This is random but I love Pinterest . Pinning. Dreaming . Being inspired
I love family and everything about family . I love my family . I love marriages . I love romance comedies and movies that make me cry.
I love decorating a home . Painting furniture while listening to country gospel music . I love the feeling of the finished results.
I enjoy the company of little ones. I think kids are funny and entertaining.
I love laughter.  There is nothing like the sound of laughter filling your home.
I love talking to my kids.
This list is exhaustive but that's a little about me.

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